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World Climbing Championship in Paris

Sascha Noyes

The World Climbing Championship is underway in Paris this week and we are stoked to let you know that there will be Perfect Descent auto belays at the top of the Speed Wall. We recently received approval to be the exclusive auto belay supplier to all IFSC Speed World Record events and I'm not sure we could be any more excited!

Every two years the world's best climbers go head-to-head and this year in Paris it will happen again in front of 20,000 people at the AccorHotel Arena. Watch all the live action on the IFSC's Youtube channel to see the world's best in Lead, Bouldering and Speed. The Speed Qualifications start on Friday. See the IFSC's program schedule for the week's events.

New version of Perfect Descent gets CE certification.

Sascha Noyes

The new and improved version of the Perfect Descent has recently been CE certified. 

The improvements are:

  • Wider participant weight range.
  • Improved internal durability
  • Improved brake materials, reducing the amount of brake dust created. This greatly reduces the frequency with which the brake needs to be cleaned.

The new brake system is also available as an upgrade to previous units. Contact us to find out more.