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Factory Service

Perfect Descent Factory Service & Re-certification


The Factory Service & Re-certification for your Perfect Descent auto belay is only needed once every 2 years.

Please Note:  The service price does not include a replacement lanyard. The factory service inspection will determine if it is needed.  You will be contacted for this additional cost if it is requiredYou can also purchase a new lanyard with the service when booking the service through our online shop. There is no additional charge for swapping the lanyard out. 


What is included in the service

  • Unit breakdown to components
  • Detailed inspection and cleaning of components
  • Repairs and replacements as required
  • Re-assembly and functional test

Service Procedure


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Then simply send your Perfect Descent to us:

Lasham Woods
Lasham Road
GU34 5FZ
United Kingdom

Contact Person: Sascha Noyes

Contact Telephone Number: +44 1256 38 1222

The standard turn-around time for the service is 3-5 working days from receipt of the Perfect Descent to return shipment.

Perfect Descent Service
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Replacement of Perfect Descent Lanyard during service
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